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Art by Angie Mangels

Welcome to my portfolio page, where I display my printmaking originals and paintings.  I really enjoy both mediums but there is something magical about the process of creating a layered print. My first gallery highlights linoleum block and serigraph prints that I have created over the years.  Ever since I feel in love with printmaking while studying art at Montana State University, I found myself drawn to the puzzle of working backwards with colors, and also in reverse in the case of block printing. I typically print a series of originals using the color reduction method, that means I am printing as many runs as there are colors in each print, with the process requiring carving the block for the next color, or blocking out a screen in-between runs, in order to leave the last color in place.  It’s a labor of love and a detailed step by step process to create these tactile layered prints.

Printmaking Portfolio

Observing, Sketching, & Painting

My love for art stems from my observations of the natural world and how to capture that beauty and majesty into a piece that can resonate with the viewer. It’s a little about bringing the love of the outdoors inside as a remembrance of the wonderful world that surrounds us.  I have taken my sketch books on many outings around Southwest Montana, and beyond, in an attempt to recreate the scenes and wildflowers that catch my attention.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of my paintings, most of these started out as sketches in the field, a few I painted while in the field, and others are based on a mix of both sketches and observations.

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