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Welcome to Rip It Up Chick! Designs

Being outdoors and taking it all in is where I feel most at home.  When you are at the top of a powder run, or eyeing your line down the singletrack, or picking your route through the rapids, that to me is what I consider Ripping it Up!  Each of us picks our own personal adventures and when we push ourselves to take notice of our surroundings and interact with what nature throws at us, I believe we can become a better and more aware version of ourselves. Ripping It Up can apply to any of your own outings no matter the method, it’s all about pushing your own limits and enjoying your time outside.  I like to push the limits of my art and design in the same ways, whether that’s figuring out the best way to present mass amounts of info into a more readable format through design, or creating a visually appealing infographic, or the process of creating a print or painting for others to take home and enjoy, it’s all about the interaction between yourself and the greater world.


 Hi, my name is Angie Mangels, the woman behind Rip It Up Chick! Designs.  I am an Artist, a Printmaker, and a Graphic Designer, and  I have a thing for gravity induced sports which is where the name for my business evolved from.  I’ve been helping small businesses and Montana Institutions for over 20 years with my design and art skills throughout Southwest Montana. Whether you need a logo, an interactive pdf document, an illustration, or an infographic, I’m the gal that can help you out.  My creative side enjoys being out amongst wildflower meadows with mountain views, so I make sure to take plenty of time to play outdoors with my dog Zoey. I love observing the beautiful canvas that nature paints for us every day and the sketches on these pages are from some of my outings over the years.

Site Under Construction

Please bear with me, my site is still under construction. You’ve heard the saying that the cobbler’s kids are the ones that have no shoes, well I’m the designer that gets distracted by my other projects.  I’ll be posting pages as I get them done.  Keep checking back for more. In the meantime you can visit my facebook page for the most recent info.

Upcoming Events

I will be bringing my art to the Bozeman Spring Made Fair! If you are in the Bozeman area come by and check it out on May 6 & 7th. It’s sure to be an awesome show with over 190 artists.

Art, Printmaking & Creativity

I have always loved to draw and paint!  Ever since I was a little girl growing up on a farm in Northwest Montana, I would draw the animals around me and create characters to amuse my family. I pursued art as a student at Montana State University and while there learned that I could make a living at art by becoming a graphic designer. While I really enjoy being a designer, it’s art that is my first passion and where I tend to get lost. There is something about interacting with the beauty that surrounds us and creating a visual piece that celebrates that nature. Printmaking is my main love, there is something about the process of creating a print that speaks to me in the layered nature of the work.

Graphic Design

My day job involves Graphic Design in all its forms. I create logos and identites for businesses of all sizes, design infographics like the one pictured above, dive into custom illustrations, and provide layout in just about any format needed, including print publications, brochures, and also websites. My favorite projects usually deal with multi-page publications and pdf documents for institutuions like MSU. I shine in taking a huge amount of information and turning it into an eye catching and readable document. I can create interactive PDF files and have the skills to turn them into accessible files. Contact me to learn more.


(406) 579-0376